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Model Price™ is a valuation model application designed to aid investors in profitable security selection.

Model Price™ is about the collection of third party data, running this data through our algorithms, and producing economic book values (EBV) and model price for a database of 2000 or so securities - both US and Canadian companies. We collect quarterly balance sheet data, if available, last trade (4 o'clock close) price, and input applicable interest rates on a nightly basis. This new data, along with our algorithms, is processed nightly, starting around 4:30 pm eastern. The new output, updated charts including the day's new information, is produced around 6:00 pm eastern. Users can tell the new data has been calculated by looking at the calendar on the right column of the application. If the calendar highlights the current day's date, then the calculations have been completed. Sophisticated users can also tell by the current day's close also on the company's chart.

There is famously NO opinion on our charts. Model Price™ only performs the calculations, stores data, and oversees the integrity of the process. Opinions come from our users, who can use Facebook™ as a platform for their comments.

Errors do occur from time to time. With so many securities, and daily data inputted, it is impossible for Model Price™ to catch every conceivable error. Please draw our attention to any error by using the Facebook™ Wall for notification. Errors can usually be spotted immediately when our EBV lines jump, up or down, for no apparent reason. Also, if a company has no model price, by way of an error, a pop up window will appear.

Model Price™ works best on large capitalized equities. We use published consensus earnings forecasts for our model price calculation. We also grow the balance sheet on a daily basis, between reported quarterly financial statements, to grow our EBV lines. Obviously, the more reliable analyst estimates' are the more confidence a user can have on model price and the EBV trading bands. A selected equity with only one analyst estimate will have restricted information value.

Model Price™ is maintained at the offices of Acker Finley Inc. Acker Finley Inc. is a Canadian investment dealer registered with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). Acker Finley Asset Management Inc., a related company, is a Canadian registered portfolio manager and investment fund manager.

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